The Supreme Court of Victoria is the highest court for the State of Victoria, Australia. It has a history of 167 years since founded in 1852, and is a superior court of common law and equity, with unlimited jurisdiction within the state.


The Supreme Court has two divisions – the Trail Division and the Court of Appeal. Normally, our experienced court interpreters would appear in the Trial Division. Legal interpreting is a highly-specialized interpreting field. Bridging Translation has been providing senior Chinese legal interpreters to the Supreme Court of Victoria for many years. We work with solicitors and barristers almost every day, providing both on-site interpreting services and NAATI certified translation services.


Court interpreters are language specialists. They are required to have extended knowledge of the Australian legal system and legal terminology. Court Interpreters need to be accurate, impartial, confidential and confident.

The Supreme Court of Victoria “sits with one judge, and usually acts as a court of original jurisdiction for serious criminal matters such as murder, attempted murder, corporate offenses and certain conspiracy charges, and civil matters which are considered to involve greater complexity or amounts of money more than would be appropriate to have determined in the Magistrates’ Court (whose civil jurisdictional limit is $100,000) or County Court (whose jurisdiction has since the beginning of 2007 been unlimited as to amount). The Trial Division also acts as an appeal court from the Magistrates’ Court on questions of law, and appeals from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal on points of law, except against an order of the President or Vice-President of the Tribunal. It also hears federal indictable offences such as treason.

The Commercial Court is a sub-division of the Trial Division, composed of specialist judges to deal with commercial disputes.”(Wikipedia)

Courtroom settings can be extremely stressful for most people. Imagine you are in a courtroom as a witness, being cross-examed by a professional barrister with your second language or the language you are not really good at. That is one of the reasons why you need an experienced professional court interpreter to assist you while attending court. Call us now on 13 0086 0086 to book a NAATI certified professional legal interpreter. For more information about legal interpreting service, please visit –

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