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Our Team – Chinese Translators and Interpreters 

Our company

Bridging Translation is a leading translation agency in Australia, providing quality Chinese translation and interpreting services for individuals as well as government departments. We are a professional team with more than 150 senior Chinese translators and interpreters who have been working in the translation and interpreting field for many years. Our Chinese translators and interpreters spread across Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and other major cities of Australia, including Australian top-level (NAATI level 5) interpreters, simultaneous conference interpreters, and community interpreters.

Our services

Bridging Translation provides a wide range of Chinese language services. Our Chinese/English document translation range includes NAATI certified legal document translation, marketing material translation, website translation and so on. include translating driver’s licence, contract, marketing material and other documents. On-site Chinese interpreting services include court interpreting, business conference interpreting, medical interpreting, parent-teacher interview interpreting, short course training interpreting, general community interpreting, various liaison interpreting, as well as escort interpreting services such as simultaneous interpreting service for international conferences. Whatever your language needs are, our professional Chinese translators and interpreters are always here to help you.

Our clients

We have successfully helped many Australian local companies to entre and expand the Chinese market by translating and localising their websites and marketing materials. Our clients include RMIT University, The University of Melbourne, Monash University, NSW Department of Health, The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Oliver Hume, Escala Partners, QReal, OEI Media, WealthCorp, Golden Age Development Group and so on.

We also help Australian government organisations such as Victoria Police, The Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning communicate with Chinese-speaking clients.

Our vision

We are committed to providing high-quality translation and interpreting services to our clients and be the bridge of communication and cultural understanding between Australia and China.


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Bridging Translation: Your Trusted Translation Agency in Melbourne

Bridging Translation: Your Trusted Translation Agency in Melbourne

In today's globalized world, communication is the key to success. To communicate with people from different countries and cultures, we need to bridge the gap of language. This is where translation services come in. If you are looking for a trusted translation agency...