Interpreting Services

Bridging Translation only uses professional Chinese translators and Chinese interpreters. NAATI certified translation is recognised by the Australian government. Stamped translations meet all government translation requirements.

Community Interpreters

Conference Interpreters

Legal Interpreters

Escort Interpreters

Community – Chinese/English Community Interpreting Services

Bridging Translation provides community Chinese interpreting services to main cities in Victoria and New South Wales including Melbourne, Sydney, Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Morwell, Shepparton and Wangaratta. Our well-experienced Chinese interpreters can help you remove and Chinese-language-related barriers quickly and professionally. 

  • School parent teacher meeting
  • Training courses
  • Centrelink Appointments
  • Department of Human Services
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Police interviews
  • Law firms
  • Australian Courts (All Level)
  • Immigration review tribunal
  • Other on-site community interpreting

Conference – Chinese/English Conference Interpreting Services

Bridging Translation provides conference interpreting services between Chinese and English language to main cities in Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and so on.

Bridging Translation is one of the most prized Chinese Translation and Interpreting companies in the industry. We have professional conference interpreters in our team including NAATI level 5 interpreters who have the highest qualification you can find in Australia.

Our conference interpreters are all highly trained professionals who are well experienced in all kinds of conference. We aim at helping our clients to remove all language barriers and free them from the worries of communication difficulty so that they can complete their business projects smoothly.

  • International conference simultaneous interpreting
  • Conference between Australian government departments at all levels and delegations
  • Groups and business representatives from overseas
  • Meeting with chambers of commerce
  • Tours of wineries, factories, farms or other business venues
  • Other types of business conference interpreting
Consecutive Interpreting Service

Bridging translation is a professional Chinese-English conference interpreting service provider. By providing high quality consecutive interpreters to our clients, we are proudly promoting the cooperation and development between China and Australia in economy, education, culture, politics and other important areas. 

Consecutive interpreting is a kind of intermittent interpreting. The interpreter will take notes and listen to the source language while the speaker finishes or pauses their speech. Then they will use a clear and natural target language to convey all the content of the source language accurately and integrally. An experienced conference interpreter can note down a five to ten minutes of consecutive speech and use his skills to interpret the whole content without any omission.

Consecutive conference interpreting covers the following areas – bilateral meeting, bilateral negotiation, medium conference, technical seminar, escort interpreting, business negotiation, high level academic conference, academic seminar, onsite visit, small scope negotiation, judicial and quasi-judicial procedure, banquet address, press interview, press conference, exhibition and so on.

The conference interpreting services we provided in the finance field fly our own colours. We proudly provided interpreting service to the 2017 Jiangsu – Victoria Economic and Trade Round Table Conference. Participants of the meeting were Wang Runliang, Counsellor of Jianghsu Provincial Department of Commerce, Jay Meek, Deputy Secretary of Trade Victoria, Department of economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, Mrs. Liu Chuyang, Senior Trade Commissioner of AusTrade, Mr Dai Wei, Counsellor of Chinese Consulate General to Melbourne, Shen Bin, Chairman of Jiangsu Shagang Group Co. Ltd., Xu Jun, Chairman of Golden Age Group, and other 70 delegates from both China and Australia.  With the help of two senior conference interpreters from Bridging Translation, leaders from the Chinese and Australian delegations have reached various of consensuses. This conference has successfully promoted economic and trade cooperation between China and Australia in technology, tourism, education, real estate, industry, culture, investment and so on.

Simultaneous interpreting Service

Simultaneous interpreters at Bridging Translation are well known in the industry. We always provide our customers with satisfied simultaneous conference interpreting service by a lot of preparation and coordination. 

Simultaneous interpreting is one of Bridging Translation’s main services. The simultaneous interpreting service between Chinese and English we provide includes the follow fields – Law, tourism, engineering, machinery, medicine, chemistry, chemical engineering, finance and economics, automobile, information technology, shipping, insurance, industrial design and other industries. As a high level professional translation company, Bridging Translation specialises in providing simultaneous interpreting services for international conference, large-scale training, press conference, high level business meeting, foreign leaders and delegations, onsite technical exchanges, large events and so on.

Our senior interpreters have been providing simultaneous interpreting services for different industries in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast and Western Australia. We are proud of our quality services and good reputation. At Bridging Translation, we always uphold our mission – to provide high quality translating and interpreting services to our clients and be the bridge of communication and cultural understanding between Australia and China. 

To ensure the quality of our service, we need customers to book in advance. We will then allocate the project to our senior practitioners who have been working as simultaneous interpreters for many years. They will spend a lot of their own time to prepare for the conference. Bridging Translation firmly believes that it is our duty to provide customers with the best interpreting services. Our interpreters have many years of experience in simultaneous conference interpreting and good stamina. We understand that leaving a good impression to our customers is as important as the high quality of interpreting. Therefore, we will go all out to provide you with a service with attention to every detail.

Chinese Delegation – Chinese Escort Interpreters 

Bridging Translation provides escort interpreters to Chinese delegations which are visiting Australia. With our reasonable price, high-quality Chinese interpreters and services, we have achieved an undeniable level of customer satisfaction.

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Telephone Interpreting

Bridging Translation provides high quality telephone interpreting to our customers. We understand that it is not always possible to organise on-site meetings, and telephone interpreting is a great alternative to proceed with your meeting without the challenge of getting everyone into the same room.

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