Transltation Procedures

Professional Translator Booking Procedures

Not sure how our experienced professional translator will handle your documents effectively?

Find out how we look after our customers with NAATI certified translations in the following steps.

1. Free Quote

Send your document to our email address. Once we received your email, we’ll provide you a free quote, estimated turnaround time and a booking terms to sign.

2. Make Payment

Please read and sign the terms. Return it to us along with full payment confirmation.

3. Assign Professional Translators

Once we received your signed terms and payment, we will start assigning a suitable and professional translator for you.

4. Translate Document

Our translators with NAATI accreditation will translate your document within the given timeframe.

5. Proofreading (If required)

An individual professional translator (if needed) will proofread the translation to make sure its accuracy and readability.

6. Quality Control

We will perform quality control to each of the documents.

7. Typesetting (If required)

If needed, our graphic design team will conduct typesetting for your document.

8. Stamp

Unless otherwise stated, we will always put our NAATI professional translator’s stamp on each of the document we translated.

9. Submit to Client

For general documents, we will submit them to client via Email. If necessary, we can arrange post.

10. Feedback

We welcome all our customers to give feedback on our Facebook or email them to us.

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