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Melbourne is known as the cultural capital of Australia as well as the national center of education, business, sports, entertainment, and travel. Because of its pleasant living conditions, Melbourne has been awarded as the most livable city in the world for 7 years in a row.  There are 380,000 Chinese people living on this land and most of them are using Chinese-English translation services. Bridging Translation’s professional Chinese translators and interpreters are always ready to help you remove the language barrier. 

In the past five years, as a top Chinese translation team, Bridging Translation has been providing Chinese translation and Chinese interpreting services to Chinese people who are living in Australian or visiting this country as well as assisting local business to enter the Chinese market and assisting Australian government organizations to communicate with Chinese-speaking clients. We are helping our clients to communicate efficiently between Chinese and English in aspects of the economy, community, business, education, health, legal system and so on.

Legal Translation

Court interpreters at Bridging Translation, who have many years’ experience can help you with communicating with lawyers and the judge without any language difficulties.

Legal Document Translation

Legal Interpreting

Business Interpreting

We are experts in many type of business interpreting, including consecutive interpreting for general business meetings, and simultaneous interpreting at large scale conferences.

Conference Interpreting

Escort Interpreting Service for Chinese Delegation

With the highly professional translation quality and customised service, Bridging Translation has becoming an outstanding translation company in Australia and received many compliments from our clients such as RMIT, travel agencies, chambers of commerce and large-scale trading companies. In 2017, we proudly became RMIT’s designated translation company.

Course Training Interpreting

Onsite Visit Interpreting

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