Chinese Localisation


By localising your commercial documents at Bridging Translation, you can easily get ready to expand your Chinese market and attract more Chinese customers.

How do I expand my business in the Chinese market?

Do you know there are about 500,000 Chinese people living in Australia? It is one of the main centuries for Asian capital market activities. If you are a businessman, you must have thought introducing your business to the Chinese market. But have you taken any action yet?


How do I attract Chinese customers?

Get your company’s website, products and relevant materials localized to Chinese language. Language localisation is the process of adapting a document that has been translated into the target language to a specific country or culture. For some documents such as promotional materials, direct translation just doesn’t work that well in the target market. This is when you need to find a professional translation company and get your document localized to make more sense in the target market.


“Bridging Translation helped us to translate our Fund investment material into Chinese perfectly. The translation was professional & accurate.” Fran Li

International Department Manager, Lauders Group

Who can help me to expand the Chinese market?

Bridging Translation has been helping thousands of Australian companies to localize their products in order to adapt the Chinese market. Unlike legal documents which accuracy always come first, commercial documents in most cases, need modification and polish. Only by doing so, can your products attract more Chinese customers.

At Bridging Translation, our senior translators are well versed in both Chinese culture and Australia culture. We know the way your Chinese customers think and we know what you need as well. Translators at Bridging Translation have many years of experience in localization. We also have relevant financial investment experience between Chinese and English languages. We are familiar with marketing and commercial terminologies. You just need to put your document into our hands and let the professionals handle the rest.

Chinese localisation expert – Bridging Translation

Bridging Translation has provided localisation services in investment field to countless individual and company customers and have been highly appreciated. Our recent projects include localisation of Marketing Kit for OEI Media, Copy Deck for WealthCorp, company profile for Escala Partners, website content for QReal and so on. By localizing those documents into Chinese or English, Bridging Translation has been successfully helped companies with attracting more Chinese investors, and helped individuals with seizing new commercial and business opportunities.

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