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As a commercial and multicultural center of Australia, Sydney is attracting numerous investors from all over the world. If your business is targeting the Chinese market, either Chinese customers in Australia or in China, the language barrier will be your main obstacle. Bridging Translation’s Sydney translation team can help you.

Bridging Translation has a team of language specialist in Sydney to help you with your business expanding which includes website localisation, translation of products’ description, software localisation business conference interpreting, escort interpreting for Chinese delegations, simultaneous interpreting and so on. Our translators and interpreters are all NAATI certified practitioners. They have extensive experience in legal, medical, education and business translating and interpreting settings.

Call us on 13 0086 0086 or send us an email – and let us know your needs. No matter if it’s a small document translation, business marketing material translation or legal document translation or onsite interpreting that you needed, our language specialists are always here to support you with language solutions which are suitable for you and your company.

Legal Translation

Court interpreters at Bridging Translation, who have many years’ experience can help you with communicating with lawyers and the judge without any language difficulties.

Legal Document Translation

Legal Interpreting

Business Interpreting

We are experts in many type of business interpreting, including consecutive interpreting for general business meetings, and simultaneous interpreting at large scale conferences.

Conference Interpreting

Escort Interpreting Service for Chinese Delegation

With the highly professional translation quality and customised service, Bridging Translation has becoming an outstanding translation company in Australia and received many compliments from our clients such as RMIT, travel agencies, chambers of commerce and large-scale trading companies. In 2017, we proudly became RMIT’s designated translation company.

Course Training Interpreting

Onsite Visit Interpreting

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Dream and Poetry 《梦与诗》

Dream and Poetry 《梦与诗》

胡适(1891年12月17日~1962年2月24日),男,曾用名嗣穈,字希疆,学名洪骍,后改名适,字适之。  思想家、文学家、哲学家。徽州绩溪人,以倡导“白话文”、领导新文化运动闻名于世。 Dream and Poetry 《梦与诗》 Hu Shi 胡适 It‘s all ordinary experience, All ordinary images. 都是平常经验, 都是平常影象。 By chance they emerge in a dream, Turning out infinite new patterns....



翻译:瑞京 杰克 29/3/2020 澳大利亚政府今天再次召开内阁会议,采取进一步行动减缓新冠病毒的传播,以拯救生命和生计。 我们将与这种病毒一起生活至少六个月,所以减缓这种病毒的社会隔离措施必须至少能够持续那么长时间,以保护澳大利亚人的生命并帮助澳大利亚保持运转。 国家内阁公布与冠状病毒有关的最新统计数据和医学建议。 我们的公共卫生措施正在生效,澳大利亚进行了21万1千多次检测,确诊病例为3966例。...