Translating Services

Bridging Translation only uses professional translators and interpreters. NAATI level 3 translation is recognised by Australian government. Stamped translations meet all government translation requirements.

Personal Documents

Commercial Documents

Legal Documents

Financial & Investment Documents

Translating Personal Documents

We only use NAATI-accredited translators. Our stamped translations meet all government requirements. If you need to translate the following personal documents, simply send your documents to us via email for a free quote.
  • Birth Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Drivers Licence
  • Identity Certificate
  • Transcript
  • Education Certificate
  • Employment Records
  • Police Check
  • Immunisation Certificate
  • Change of Name Certificate
  • Custody Document
  • Other Personal Documents

Translating Commercial Documents

When it comes to commercial documents, it is very important to hand your documents to a local translation company of your target market. Our translators speak Chinese as the first language and have been living in Australia for many years. We know your clients’ culture more than anyone else. We specialise in localising information to your target market.
  • Advertisements
  • Business Plans
  • Training Documents
  • Employee Code of Conduct Policy
  • Websites
  • Product Guide Books
  • Brochures
  • Publicity Materials
  • Press Conference Documents
  • Tender Documents
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Other Commercial Documents
  • Contract
  • Agreement
  • Court Documents
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Survey and Interview Documents
  • Statements
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Other Legal Documents

Financial & Investment Documents Translation

Bridging Translation is a professional Australian financial investment translation company. Our translators are experienced in translating for financial and investment markets, and have in-depth knowledge of the investment industry, banking, real estate, insurance and securities.