Subtitling Translation

Subtitling is a type of audiovisual translation that has its own specifications and rules. The quality of translation and subtitles can directly affect the final result of audiovisual materials.


Usually, each subtitle must have a minimum of one-second duration and a maximum of 6 seconds’ duration on the screen for audience to read comfortably. It also has limitation on the number characters that it can contain. Chinese subtitles for example generally contains two lines with maximum 36 Chinese characters. The subtitle should appear when the voice starts and end when it stops. Alternatively, camera changes must be taken into account as well.



The process of subtitling consists of the following three steps –

1. Spotting

Find out the in and out time of each subtitle and synchronise them with the audio, taking camera change and length into consideration.

2. Translation and localisation

Translate each subtitle from the source language to the target language, localising the translated sentences according to the specific criteria of subtitling including sentence structures, punctuation, line breaks, italics and so on.

3. Simulation

Before finalising the project, the audiovisual file must be proofread in a simulated setting: review the audio with subtitle on it. Modify the test or timing if needed.


The best subtitles are fluent and attuned with the audio and camera changes. They should be so natural and provides no disturbance to the viewers that they are almost unaware that they are reading.

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