Bridging Translation
Bridging Translation

As a bridge between the Chinese and English languages, Bridging Translation has always been dedicating to delivering high-quality language translation and communication services to Australian Courts. Our legal interpreters have been working in different courts in Australia almost every day, ranging from Magistrates’ Courts, County Courts, Supreme Courts to High Courts, and for police interviews, investigations and client meetings. Picture the scene. Your Chinese client with limited English understanding wants to make a booking for face-to-face consultation, but you don’t speak Chinese. Now what? These situations can be extremely stressful and easily preventable by arranging professional on-site interpreters in advance.

Court Interpreting
Court Interpreting

Working in court can be very stressful, not only to the parties but also to their interpreters and lawyers, even to the judge. You might ask why will the judges be stressful as they are the ones who are making the decisions.

court interpreting
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In the last twelve years, the caseload in Victoria has piled up dramatically while the number of magistrates has barely changed. It is not uncommon that there is only one magistrate sits in the whole magistrates’ court building with the help of some registrars. Therefore, people may have to wait for a whole day to get their cases heard.

Translation Stress
Caseload Stress

In 2017, two magistrates committed suicide, until then the stress and wellbeing were largely unspoken issues.

Legal Translation Services

Imagine the stress if you don’t speak the langauge but you have to start a court proceeding. Most of the time you don’t know which language or legal service is good until you actually used it. But it is often the case that it is already too late when you realise that peron or company is not the right one for you. That’s why we are here – to help you remove all the lanaguge barries and meanwhile refer legal professionals to you if needed. 

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