Conference Interpreting Service

We are thrilled to bring you an exciting review: China (Sichuan) – New Zealand Economic and Trade Cultural Promotion Conference! This is an extraordinary event, and Bridging Translation is honored to provide simultaneous interpretation services for it, injecting vitality and strength into the economic, trade, and cultural exchanges between China and New Zealand.

The event took place in Auckland, New Zealand, bringing together political and business leaders as well as cultural representatives from China and New Zealand. Their presence not only demonstrates the importance and support for economic, trade, and cultural exchanges between China and New Zealand but also lays a solid foundation for future cooperation.

The team at Bridging Translation played a crucial role in this event. Our interpreters not only possess excellent language skills but, more importantly, they are able to remain agile in thought and fluent in expression in the tense and complex environment, ensuring smooth communication among participants and accurate transmission of information.

Prior to the event, we delved into understanding the needs of our clients, meticulously planned interpretation strategies, and provided personalized and professional services. At the event, we were fully committed and adaptable, ensuring the efficient progress of interpretation work. After the event, we were delighted to receive unanimous praise from our clients, which is not only the best affirmation of our work but also a full recognition of the quality of our services!

Bridging Translation will continue to uphold the professional, efficient, and attentive service philosophy, providing clients with even better and more professional translation and interpreting services, helping them shine even brighter on the international stage!