It was an absolute pleasure to be invited to participate in tonight’s Dandelion Talk at Business School of Melbourne University.

Michael ZUO

Brief introduction to the today’s topic – Start up Business and general explanation of the framework of Dandelion Talk.

Keynote Speaker Arthur WU, MMkt

Three personal experiences of Arthur establishing his own business and the lessons he learnt from those experiences.

What is value?

Value is to solve customers’ problems and meet their needs.

How many layers a product has?

1. Potential product

2. Derivative product

3. Expected product

4. Basic product

5. Core interests

What are the methods of product positioning?

What is the consumer buying?

What are the roles a consumer is playing?

Customers’ Buying Process

Experimental test


Customers are buying an expectation.

The importance of package, talent and integrity.

Only relative value, no absolute value

Q & A

How to promote a Virtual Private Network product?

What’s the differences between marketing and advertising?

How to protect your own intellectual property in a company setting?

What’s the relationship between marketing and big data?

As a small business owner, how to compete with big brands?

In Australia, are the difficulties of promoting a product in Chinese market the same as they are in Australian market?

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